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Roll of Honour




The Roll is in alphabetical order


DAMANT, Signalman, ROBERT, D/3385. Royal Canadian Corps of Signals. 19th December 1941. Age 21. Son of Charles Edward and Elizabeth Damant, of Montreal, Province of Quebec, Canada. 6. C. Coll. grave 12-19.


DAVIES, Supply Assistant, KENNETH VERNON, D/MX82684. H.M.S. Tamar. Royal Navy. 23rd July 1942. Age 21. 1. A. 30.


DEAN, Able Seaman, REGINALD ERNEST, P/JX149800. H.M.S. Tamar. Royal Navy. 15th August 1942. Age 24. Son of Ernest and Louise Fanny Dean; husband of Lilian May Patricia Dean, of Pauls Grove, Hampshire. 1. A. 37.


DIXON, Lance Corporal, HENRY VILLIERS, 2324289. Hong Kong Sig. Coy. Royal Corps of Signals. 8th - 25th December 1941. Age 23. Son of Charles James Dixon and Jessie Dixon, of Bexley, Kent. 4. E. 16.


DOBSON, Serjeant, HERBERT, 7757240. Royal Army Veterinary Corps. 2nd February 1942. Age 40. Husband of Florence Dobson, of Bondi, New South Wales, Australia. 1. A. 82.


DODWELL, Gunner, MICHAEL CARR, 4856. 2 Bty. Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps. 15th May 1944. Age 21. Son of Stanley Hudson Dodwell and Phoebe Joyce Dodwell, of City of London. 1. A. 83.


DONALDSON, Master, THOMAS, S.S. Kau Tung (Hong Kong). Merchant Navy. 22nd October 1943. Age 72. Husband of Elizabeth Florence Donaldson, of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 4. B. 13.


DUNN, Private, M J, 14961101. 1st Bn. Devonshire Regiment. 10th February 1947. Age 19. Son of Walter John Henry and Betsy Dunn, of Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset. 7. A. 8.


DUNNE, Private, JOHN CHARLES, 7262845. 27 Coy. Royal Army Medical Corps. 18th December 1941. Age 28. Son of Philip Henry Dunne, and of Catherine Mary Dunne, of Harrow, Middlesex. 1. D. Coll. grave 1-10.



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