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United Kingdom


GHEBA KHAN, Gunner, 51226. Hong Kong and Singapore Royal Artillery. 7th September 1944. Age 22. Son of Tawakli Khan and Chhati, of Khardher, Jhelum, Pakistan. 40. A. 7.


GHULAM HUSAIN, Gunner, 4567. 6 (S) A.A. Bty. Hong Kong and Singapore Royal Artillery. 14th September 1944. Age 19. Son of Ali Bakhsh and Chandar, of Soliman Shako, Ambala, India. 40. A. 10.


GHULAM KHAN, Gunner, 50957. 7 Coast Regt. Hong Kong and Singapore Royal Artillery. 16th November 1943. Age 18. Husband of Amena Bibi, of Khal Bala, Hazara, Pakistan. 39. D. 17.


GHULAM MUHAMMAD, Gunner, 50226. 7 Coast Regt. Hong Kong and Singapore Royal Artillery. 10th September 1943. Age 18. Son of Sultan, of Thor, Mianwali, Pakistan. 39. D. 9.


GHULAM RASUL, Gunner, 5700. 10 Bty. Hong Kong and Singapore Royal Artillery. 5th August 1942. Age 18. Son of Ghulam Muhammad, of Anga, Sargodha, Pakistan. 39. B. 18.



Australian - Canadian - Indian - South African - New Zealand


GHAN SING BAHADUR THAPA, Rifleman, 16121. 2nd Bn. 1st King George V's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Malaun Regiment). 1st July 1942. Age 20. Son of Raghubir, of Chattiun, Nepal. Coll. grave 46. A. 1-15.


GHASITA RAM, Sepoy, 8386. 5th Bn. 2nd Punjab Regiment. 15th November 1945. Age 33. Son of Bhulla Ram and Jian, of Roghala, Sialkot, Pakistan; husband of Sarasti, of Roghala. 42. B. 3.


GHAUS MOHI DIN, Sepoy, 1290. 1st Bn. Mysore Infantry, Indian States Forces. 4th November 1944. Son of Hayath Sab Edgus and Fatima Bi, of Chandrashekarapuram, Tumkur, India. 40. E. 12.


GHULAM ABBAS, Gunner, 42806. 10 Bty., 22 Mountain Regt. Royal Indian Artillery. 6th July 1944. Age 24. Son of Ghulam Muhammad and Fateh Bibi, of Chak 15, Shomali, Sargodha, Pakistan. 39. C. 9.


GHULAM ALI, Sepoy, 15166. 5th Bn. 2nd Punjab Regiment. 12th March 1942. Age 18. Son of Hayat Muhammad, and of Nur Bhari, of Khardher, Jhelum, Pakistan. 42. C. 21.


GHULAM HABIB, Sepoy, 20843. 1st Bn. 14th Punjab Regiment. 2nd July 1943. Age 23. Husband of Shadgai, of Sher Garh, Mardan, Pakistan. 39. A. 14.


GHULAM JAFAR, Sepoy, 8405. 1st. Bahawalpur Infantry. 13th August 1944. Age 32. Son of Allah Rakha, of Murani West. Mianwali. Pakistan. 39. C. 17.


GHULAM MUHAMMAD, Signalman, A/37. 11th Indian Div. Sigs. Indian Signal Corps. 16th September 1943. Age 27. Son of Khan Muhammad and Sabarai, of Sheikhowal, Shahpur, Pakistan. 39. D. 10.


GHULAM MUHAMMAD, Gunner, 1563. H.A.A. Regt. Royal Indian Artillery. 26th September 1944. Age 23. Son of Zaru Khan and Shama, of Sabajpur, Attock, Pakistan; husband of Faiz Bibi, of Sabajpur. 40. A. 24.


GHULAM NABI, Sepoy, SR/775790. 19 Field Bakery. Royal Indian Army Service Corps. 27th January 1945. Age 23. Son of Abda and Saf Jan, of Kotli, Ambala, India. 41. A. 19.


GHULAM QADIR, Cook, 961. 1st Bn. 14th Punjab Regiment. 10th September 1944. Age 26. Son of Allah Ditta, of Padri, Lahore, Pakistan. 40. A. 8.


GHULAM RASUL, Lance Naik, 13904. 6th Bn. 14th Punjab Regiment. 8th November 1944. Age 17. Husband of Nek Bibi, of Uchhala, Shahpur, Pakistan. 41. E. 13.


GHULAM RASUL, Havildar, 2299. Indian Army Ordnance Corps. 22nd November 1944. Age 40. Son of Allali Bakhshi and Sahib Zadi, of Sachhan Singh, Rae Bareilly, India; husband of Mausumia, of Sachhan Singh. 41. E. 14.


GHULAM RASUL, Sepoy, 916496. 6 Indian Inf. Bde. Transport Coy. Royal Indian Army Service Corps. 22nd February 1943. Age 20. Son of Shah Wali and Zemeer Bibi, of Daiwal, Jhelum, Pakistan. 39. F. 19.


GHULAM SARWAR, Sepoy, 22491. 2nd Bn. 10th Baluch Regiment. 5th March 1942. Age 19. Son of Ghulam Jilani, of Mona, Hoshiarpur, India. 39. F. 11.



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